name: Aleister Crowley
age: 28
homeland: Romania
height: 190cm
weight: 77kg
birthday: December 1st
zodiac sign: Sagittarius
blood group: AB
Aleister Crowley the III [ アレイスター・クロウリー三世 ] is a fictional character of the D. Gray-Man series. He's a romanian 28-year-old boy who looks like a vampire because of the power of his Innocence. He sucks Akumas' blood like, indeed, any other vampire.
He's shy because of his background: he lived for a long time in a castle with Eliade, the girl he loved. He was hated because of his scary appearance that led everybody, except his family, to consider him as a monster. Even though, he does actually become devilish and merciless once he morphs into a vampire.
He never forgot his beloved Eliade and often has visions of her.
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